Meet Rochem‘s Management Team

Markus Beckmann

Managing Director

+49 40 374952 - 30

Managing Director in union with Alessandro Chiesa

Hanno Kröger

Commercial Director

+49 40 374952 - 25

Director global funding and liquidity, cash management, capital management and treasury services for all of Rochem's worldwide operations

Klaus Hunfeld

Sales Director

+49 40 374952 – 59

Director global sales, customer services, marketing activities

Dr. Fangyue Li

Sales Director Greater China Area

+49 40 374952 – 55

Dr. Fangyue Li is the Sales Director of Greater China Areas. He is actively involved in the ZLD areas with high pressure STRO/DTRO technologies, which include landfill leachate, FGD (Flue Gas Desulfurization), CTX (Coal to Chemicals). He is responsible for the strategic market observation and operative sales of Greater China Areas.

Reinhard Kehring

Research and Development, Engineering

+49 40 374952 - 44

Research and development, engineering innovative products and processes, developing water treatment solutions

Karin Rüdiger

Sales Spare Parts, Documentation

+49 40 374952 - 47

Sales spare parts leachate and marine, Documentation

Marvin Barge

Service Manager

+49 40 374952 - 49

Manager Service for worldwide services in marine, leachate and offshore business